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Wedding Session with Adam + Joanne

It is a great day for another wedding and now I have another opportunity to photograph this sea side wedding and I have to say... it was a blast! The wedding was held at Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Beach Resort and Spa that evening, exactly in front of the sea. The weather was great earlier on and we had just enough time to have the matrimony session before the rain pouring in later. But nevertheless, it went well despite the clouds toying with the sun light at some point. Have a view of some the shots I've taken :)

p/s - More photos soon. So stay tuned ;) 

Wedding Session with Noah + Debbie

Chinese wedding is one of the hardest type of wedding you could imagine to photograph. I have the honor to be involved in such drama when Noah & Debbie assigned me as their wedding photographer the other day and I have to say it was a great one! Debbie is shy yet a pretty person herself  while Noah is a flamboyant guy who can withstand any tests given to him (not to mention his entourages ;p). The session happened so quick that I have to think two steps ahead to photograph them at times. Here are some of the photos :)

E-Portrait Session with Nenad + Petronella

I had great time with Nenad & Petronella the other day doing this pre-wedding photo shoot. Nenad is from Serbia and Petronella is from Sabah. Both of them are opposites in personality but share the same joy when it comes to having fun. Here's a look at some of the shots I have of them:

Here's a look of the E-Portrait Session Montage I did for the couple. Enjoy :)

Mount Kinabalu Climb 2012

I have the honour once again to climb Mount Kinabalu after I last climb it at 2003. This time with a little bit of a difference - I'm bringing my DSLR for the first time (in hope to get some great photos along the way for my collections of landscapes photos). It took me a while to decide whether I should bring my 5D or 50D. But due to overwhelming encouragements from friends, I've decided to bring my 5D instead and I tell you, it's the wisest thing to do (This is where the Weather Sealing technology comes in handy for DSLRs) :)

We started off from Mesilau trail. It is my first time using that trail (I've climb the mountain 4 times before but via Timpohon trail). So it's kind of new for me. But I have got to tell you it is also the best trail I've been in climbing the mountain. If you're looking for beautiful scenery for the mountain, this is the trail to go. I didn't manage to capture a lot of photos during the trek (my camera remains in the bag most of the time because I got tired hanging it on my shoulder most of the time LOL). But here are the ones that are my favourites.

No wonder it's being sealed off. It's so-not for the faint of heart ;)

A scene from "Avatar"?

Found modern day Little Red Riding Hood in the woods. The wolf was the one taken this photo :p

The human|animal connection

My only bird shot during the event. Not so much of a birding shot eh :p

A Closer look of the "Mountain Bird" which many claim to be one of the rarest to be seen nowadays

As of now, you might be wondering whether I make to the peak or not. Well... the photos says it all (LOL). But then again, I've reached the peak 3 times, so why bother, right? ;)